Finding food…

I have been busy with our year end paperwork lately and unfortunately writing, along with other things, takes a back burner. I had told hubby though, that I would go to town today if our truck was ready. So I did spend the morning and most of the afternoon working on the inventory and gathering paperwork together. Around 12:30 when I was still home, hubby said he would be done soon and then he would come with me. So around 3:00 we left to go pick up one truck and drop off our other one for it’s service. Yes they always seem to be needing repairs at the same time.

Our location makes going to town something you plan for. On this trip I dropped off a bag of clothes to the Salvation Army thrift store, picked up a cheque for some bulls we sold (I called them dud studs), swapped out trucks, and picked up groceries.  We also decided to enjoy a meal out together.  There are not very many places to eat that we haven’t tried and some we will not visit again so our choices are limited.  I did remember seeing a sign for a place that was some sort of hotel or guest house, so I googled places to eat in our town. One of the first sites to come up gives the name and location and so that is where we head.  It is down a residential street and we pull up to this big grand old house. Looks like the picture.  Hubby says to see if they are open because we have found that not every place is open for a meal at 5:00 pm or on all the days of the week in this town.

I walk up the ramp, it was closer to me than the stairs, and opened the door into a little vestibule. The inside door swings open from the air gust and I see the foyer that was in the pictures but no people. I call out “Hi” and I think I hear someone in the kitchen say “Hi sweetie”  Oops maybe the are closed.  Then a man comes into view, turns down the music he had on, and walks into the foyer. “Hi, are you open?”  I said and he replies with “For what?”  “Food, eating…” I stammer.  “The restaurant has been closed for about a year now.”  OMG!!!  I just walked into a person’s home!  I apologize, a lot, and retreat while trying to explain that I just googled it and it came up.  He was very good about it.

So lesson to me: do not enter unless there is a sign that says open, do not trust everything I google and phone ahead because places do close.

The next place we went to is a place we have been to before and we did notice the sign on the door said they open at 5:00 so we should be good.  Park, cross the road and the door is locked. Not open on Monday or Tuesdays.  Back into the truck.

Well we did buy ice cream, that will hold us until we get home. Just joking!  We tried one more spot. This time the bright neon open sign was on. The door was open. Yippee!!  Thank goodness for pubs!   They are closed on Monday though.

I think I will have to record business hours for next time and no going to town on Monday.