Plan to not plan.

I am finally taking some time for myself today.  Hubby has gone for a load of feed and groceries which is something I am always amazed by.  The reason for my amazement is that he is in the semi, pulling a tri-axle grain trailer. I have a hard enough time parking a long box crew-cab truck at the grocery store. Not only that, because we are two hours from town the amount we purchase is usually quite a bit and he will have to hoist everything up into the cab, and stuff the tool boxes full. That is above and beyond in my books. I can hardly figure out how to fit everything into the truck, especially with Lexi.


Lexi when the back seat and floor are full of groceries.

So while he is gone I had planned to write a bit, vacuum, do some laundry, make some granola bars, and do a bit of book work.  So he has been gone for two hours now and I did mange to make the granola bars. I have also eaten a very large piece, well two pieces, put some clothes in the wash and flipped through some catalogs.

It has started to snow and Hubby just called and doesn’t think he will be able to get home in the truck because of the snow.  I am now going to meet him and we will have to leave the truck somewhere until the weather is better. Not what I had planned but I didn’t really want to do any book work.

I find that my life just runs like that though. It does keep things interesting though. So my motto is “I only plan to never plan.”

**Update:  We ended up bring the truck home while the road was hard. If we would have waited till during the day, the dirt road would soften up and if the snow melted he would just get stuck. It was very slow going because it was hard to see at times with the wind blowing but we made it home. I drove one hour to meet him and it took us 3 hours to get home.

2 thoughts on “Plan to not plan.

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I never know what the day will bring. 😄


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