Years of stuff…

Well after many hours of sorting, cleaning, collecting, and recycling we are finally able to put two trucks in the shop.  You would know that this is quite the amazing thing if you had seen the shop before. As soon as I started making a big dent in the piles I wished I had taken pictures.  Hubby said that most of the stuff has been in there for over 30 years.  We took a truck full of old tire tubes and a couple of loads of scrap metal to be recycled. Plus a couple of tractor buckets full to the dump.

The smell was probably the worst part. The raccoons had been in the shop, and if you haven’t smelled this odour before just imagine really strong cat pee. They tried to get back in this past week, but now there is no place to hide so we were able to chase them out. They are such pests!

It took a while of working a few hours here and there to get it all sorted out but the bulk of it is done.  The next thing to do is the work bench and shelves. It would be nice to have it sorted and organized by equipment. Then we will know what we have and not buy things we don’t need or assume we have something and we don’t.  We have wasted so much time searching for things so this will make life much easier.

The coolest thing about this whole venture was that we also found a few very old tools, an old Electrolux vacuum which actually worked when I plugged it in, an old wash tub, and a milk can.

I can’t wait to have this all done. I promised myself that I wouldn’t start ripping apart the old farm-house until this was done and I really want to start on that. 🙂


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